Plex, AppleTV, PlexConnect

I’m very happy with Plex. I love the interface, the media-scanners, the ability to watch and listen my media from all sorts of devices and best of all; the way they managed to get my Plex library available on my AppleTV. Though I did have some problems with that lately.. […]

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Allowing GIT in JailKit on ISPConfig

I have several Debian based webservers which use ISPConfig. ISPConfig has  a very nice feature which allows clients to log in with SSH using JailKit. They get a jail with basic linux commands and access to their full web-environment (and private directories). I’ve had one specific client that needed to […]

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Horde – Error on sending email

I run Horde 5 on one of my servers as webmail/groupware client. I recently migrated that server to a new environment (Ubuntu 14 LTS) and reinstalled Horde5 using pear.. After installation everything seemed to work fine, except sending emails. The error my client saw was “Error communicating with server”..

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