About Me

I’m Ivo Toby, born in ’77, husband and stepfather of two, living in the Netherlands. Fulltime Webdev-fossil & app developer. Ivo TobyI have been coding websites and webapps from 1998, from 2005 freelancing and now working as Javascript Teamlead for Triple in Alkmaar. I am fluent in Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS, Ruby, XML/XSL. I mainly work on javascript-projects.

I do my coding on a Macbook Pro Retina 15”, now running macOS Sierra using a large variety of tools like Node.js, VCS etc.

My work

My main focus is on javascript and backend-coding, but I also like to play around with operating systems, networks and gadgets.

Besides coding and geeky stuff I like to go out for a walk with our two shelties, DSLR-photography and binge-watching netflix series :p

I decided to keep a blog to maintain some kind of record of my R&D .. I have a lot of R&D stashed in Evernote and will try to move that to this blog eventually..


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