Parallels 15, Kali Linux. Issues with Parallels Tools.

After updating Parallels to the latest release my Kali and Ubuntu VM’s needed to update their Parallels Tools as well. After a reboot all went wrong. Somehow the new Parallels Tools didn’t start or drivers weren’t correctly loaded. The Kali desktop was running at 800×600 and seemed zoomed in and I didn’t see a mousepointer. Pretty unusable.

I installed a new instance of Kali in a new VM and the display and mouse were correct, resizing the VM even worked. However; no coherence mode or sharing. Installed the tools again and dang; same issue. Luckily I took snapshot before installation of the tools so I could revert to the previous state.

It did nag at me though. Why did they not test this properly? Debian seems to have the same issues and the Debian install you can download from Parallels immediately installs the new Parallels tools. My initial Debian download rebooted after the installation of the Tools and got a kernel panic… Nice going Parallels!
After checking out the Parallels forum I stumbled upon a workaround posted by a Parallels Developer; you need to add a kernel cli parameter; “prl_tg.usedrm=0

How to do this when your display is the size of a postage-stamp? Use SSH!
From Kali, open a terminal and edit the sshd settings:
vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config
search for PermitRootLogin by using “/” in vim
Uncomment the line and make sure it looks like this;
PermitRootLogin yes
save and exit the file; press escape, followed by :wq [enter]

Now start the ssh-server;
service ssh start
now determine the IP of the VM ;
Look for the IP, should be after inet

From another machine ssh into the Kali VM and do the following;
1. Open /etc/default/grub file and add prl_tg.usedrm=0 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT variable (you probably have quiet already there, just add a space and the parameter after it, keep the comma at the end . Save and close.
2. Run update-grub to update grub configuration.
3. Reboot

Your Parallels-tools install should now be functioning properly with a resizable screen, mousepointer, sharing and coherence.

Source : https://forum.parallels.com/threads/issues-for-mouse-and-coherence-after-dsktp-15-install-for-cento07-kali-2018-4-and-2019-2.347712/