HTML5 Videoplayer Meisterplayer 5 release

Meister5 Released

I’m very proud to announce that with my team at Triple we are launching our HTML5 video player Meisterplayer 5! After months of work and preparation we are releasing this new version to both our clients and the open-source community. You can check out the community release on github; https://github.com/meisterplayer 

Do you need a super-easy, super-fast en feature-rich web-player? Check-out our brand new website and request a demo: http://meisterplayer.com/

About Meisterplayer

Meisterplayer is a high service HTML5 web-player capable of playing DASH, Smooth, HLS, MP4 (h264/AAC), MP3 (single file, ShoutCast, IceCast), AAC, OGG-content. We have DRM-support for FairPlay, Widevine and PlayReady.
Meisterplayer’s plugin structure allows you to just use the features you need in order to keep your player fast, lean and mean. No resources are wasted on functionality you are not using.  We have created a lot of plugins ready for you to use or you can develop your own plugins to suit your needs.

Affordable, no legacy and flexible

Meisterplayer has been build from the ground up to serve HTML5 audio and video. We have no legacy going back to ancient Flash-players, and provide you with a clean and concise API. We won’t charge you for the amount of playouts, we won’t take a share of the revenue generated by ads and we guarantee easy setup and integration.

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