Plex, AppleTV, PlexConnect

I’m very happy with Plex. I love the interface, the media-scanners, the ability to watch and listen my media from all sorts of devices and best of all; the way they managed to get my Plex library available on my AppleTV. Though I did have some problems with that lately.. After we moved from Zwaag to Alkmaar I set up my home network, home-server with Plex Media Server and installed my Apple TV.. Started the PlexConnect-script and barf; the trailers-App (now designated as Plex-app) is not capable of connecting to the PMS.. The Trailers app is nothing more than a XML-parsing frontend and the real work is done (served) from PlexConnect which somehow failed to connect to the PMS.. The message I kept on getting was

PlexAPI: We failed to reach a server. Reason: [Errno 61] Connection refused

I’ve tried several options; removed all Plex Home users, restarted the PMS, restarted the jail in which PMS was running, signed out the server from Plex.tv, completely reinstalled PlexConnect.. nothing worked.. Until I configured enable_plexgdm to false in Settings.cfg;
enable_plexgdm = False

Dang! Plex on AppleTV is working again.. Now I have to install my speakers ;)