Tailing syslog on iOS8 without ICU

You might have noticed that the logviewer in Apple’s own Iphone Configuration Utility (ICU) does not work anymore after you’ve update the device to iOS8.. Checking syslog is a very important part of iOS development, from XCode this works fine, but when you work with other platforms (ie. Titanium) it’s kind of overkill to run XCode6 just to view logs. To make matters worse; XCode does not do a good job at it as well. If you use the Device-feature from Xcode (Window->devices->View device logs) you do not get a realtime updated view of the syslog and the interface of the tool itself is pretty cumbersome to work with.

There is a pretty solution for this; DeviceConsole made by rpetrich

How does it work?

  • Download or git clone “deviceconsole” from rpetrich’s GitHub page … HERE ..  From commandline this would look like;
  • Now open the XCode project deviceconsole
  • Go to Product->Build for and select Running
  • Next; select Product->Archive 
  • The organizer should pop up and you should see deviceconsole in it, select it (if not already selected)
  • Press Export ,  select Save Built Products , click Next and select a location to save the binary
  • Get back to the terminal and cd to the location you selected in the previous step
  • mv the binary from deviceconsole/usr/local/bin/deviceconsole to a folder in your PATH (ie; /usr/local/bin ).. you might need sudo to get this done
  • Done!

To use deviceconsole, connect an iOS device and fire up a terminal and enter

You should get a LOT of output.. If you’d like to debug just one app it’s recommended to use grep, ie;